Download mp3’s

Download MP3’s


      1. Black Plague

      2. African Silence

      3. Half Full

      4. Shell House Incident

      5. Sail the Sun

      6. Pinnicle

      7. Captive

      8. Why

      9. Owed to a Traffic Light

      10. My Friend

Barlycorn 5 May 1997

      11. Unknown

      12. Owed to a Traffic Light

      13. Pinnicle

      14. Ethiopia

      15. Crimson Water

      16. Black Plague

      17. African Silence

      18. Sail the Sun

      19. The Faceless Ones

      20. Why

      21. Zodiac Thrill

      22. Half Full

      23. Mermaids of Ocean Wonder

      24. Captive

      25. Early Morning

      26. Scream

Downtown Buzz, 4 April 1997

This was recorded on a hand-held tape recorder, so not the best quality, but still great music.

      27. The Faceless Ones

      28. Sail the Sun

      29. Why

      30. Captive

      31. Owed to a Traffic Light

      32. Half Full

      33. Unknown title

      34. Ethiopia

      35. Warrier of Savagery

      36. Mermaids of Ocean Wonder

      37. Pinnicle

      38. Zodiac Thrill

      39. I'm So Happy

      40. Scream

Demo in the Garage, 4 Feb 1997

Just playing through some of the tracks in Cristen’s Garage

      41. Basics

      42. Black Plague

      43. Disillusioned

      44. Foreign Sands

      45. Half Full

      46. Zodiac Thrill

      47. Why

      48. Sail the Sun

      49. Motorcar Migrane

      50. The Faceless Ones

      51. Crimson Water

      52. Mermaids of Ocean Wonder

13 Responses to “Download mp3’s”

  • Justin:

    If only we still had a live version of Scream to Hear, with drum solo, Downtown Buzz version!

  • Craig:

    Yeah had forgotten about that song; it was an awesome song. I have still got a bunch of old live recordings on tape. At some stage I will get them converted to MP3, and maybe we will find it there.

    The other great one was Crimson Water; one of the few songs that has made my hand start to bleed while playing.

  • David:

    Hey guys,

    I was the keyboard player when Elephant Sun were a UK-based acoustic band. I’m moving house in about a month, and after I have I intend to dust off all my old recording gear and rescue the recordings we did and get them onto MP3.

    Would you guys be interested in including them on this site?


  • Craig:

    David, that would be great, send them to me and I will load them. If you can send me a photo and some info about ES in the UK, we can load it as well.

  • John:

    Hi Craig

    Thank you very much for pointing this site out. I’m a big fan, used to DJ at the downtown buzz when the ‘Sun’ were playing there and I never missed a gig.

    Good times for sure

    I have a music page on facebook and would like to post one or two of these track on it. Would there be any objections?


    John Scott

  • Hey John, well you used to play good music on Sunday nights when we used to play. Go ahead and post links to the tracks. Also give us a link to your page.

  • John:

    These guys were truly ahead of their time. Their music was mature. Their vision was broad. They painted pictures of landscapes, lows, peaks and vistas. In their ‘perceptions’ they saw the blood red skies of the past as well as the broad horizon of Africa’s tomorrow.

    Through music, they brought the tenses together in harmony just as we’re still trying to come together as a nation.

    Elephant Sun felt the heart of Africa; a poets heart and they sang its song.

    And man, that guitar…

    Always be a fan

  • John:

    Hi Craig

    Music Page:

    or just log onto facebook and type ‘Music Page’ in the top search bar

    C ya

  • Craig:

    Thanks John. From your description, maybe we should be standing in the May elections as an African political party.

  • […] I have been meaning to catalogue some of my old recordings, and finally I have got to it. I have converted about 5 hours of Elephant Sun music, which is the band that I played in during the late 90′s (me on bass), and the tuesday’s child stuff is still in the pipline. So head on down here to listen to my old band. […]

  • Kate Olsen:

    You did not tell me about this site. More great music from you. You have fans in upstate New York,USA!

  • Hi Kate-

    Yes it did not occur to me, this music was recorded a long time ago 🙂 Glad to have some more fans though. Hope you and your daughter are both enjoying it


  • Thanks for the information, I really like any site providing topics about music

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